Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you only work with companies in a particular area
We work with all categories of companies such as It companies, contractors, small businesses and start-ups including in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah all cities are covered in Saudi Arabia.
2What back office services does Baahis.com offer?
All aspects of your back office Marketing and lead generation, Social Media management, Email marketing, optimizing website and hosting, work-from-home, customer support services,sales support and followup, back office works, Payment follow up, virtual assistance for help desk.
3How much does Baahis.com charge for their services?
Baahis.com will structure a plan specifically for you and your company to enable you to obtain only the services you want and need.
4How do Baahis.com generate Leads for my services?
we work with multiple ways to generate Business Leads for you like: Email Marketing, Sales Man visit, webinar, Telemarketing, Blogs, Social Media, SEO(Organic Search)SMS, Whatsapp, Website Enquiry Form,Referral, Affiliate system, Business Directories...etc
5What type adn size of companies make use of outsourcing services in their operation?
All types and sizes of companies outsource these days. Outsourcing has become so common that 63% (3 out of 5 firms)does it. 47% said that outsourcing is important. outsourcing programs play a great part in their current business plans and future expansion design.
6What is the strength of back office support staff you can provide me?
We have more than 100+ work force working as part time and work-from-home . We can provide back office support to medium and small enterprises.


Why customers loves us?

We work with great honesty and dedication, we support our customers in every aspect of their business and in every stage, we are availiable always to our customers.

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